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Introducing Contour 6.1

We are proud to unveil our latest release – Contour 6.1, where our new and enhanced features will bring your digital trade experience to the next level.

Request for a demo to experience the latest version that will bring the entire trade ecosystem onto a common, digital and trusted network.

Upcoming Events

UAE Banks Federation Fraud Prevention Webinar

UAE Banks Federation Fraud Prevention Webinar

7 December 2021, 12.05 PM GST / 4.05 PM SGT
Featuring: Carl Wegner, CEO
Trade Finance Frauds- Money laundering and beyond

Past Key Events

GTR Asia 2021

GTR Asia 2021

16 November 2021, 1.45 PM - 2.30 PM
Is the trade digitisation landscape finally maturing?
Reuters Commodities Trading Summit 2021

Reuters Commodities Trading Summit 2021

10 November 2021, 8.25 AM - 9.10 AM EST
Digitising financial and physical supply chains in the agricultural commodities trade
ICC International Trade & Prosperity Week 2021

ICC International Trade & Prosperity Week 2021

20 October 2021, 2 PM BST / 9 AM EDT
Connecting the Trade Ecosystem
Sibos 2021

Sibos 2021

11 October 2021, 1:30 PM – 2 PM SGT
Live Session: Sibos | Meet the Experts: Accelerating Digitization in Trade Finance - by Contour
R3 CordaCon 2021

R3 CordaCon 2021

30 September 2021 3 PM - 3.30 PM SGT
Hosting your own node: Deciding the right level of decentralization as you scale
R3 CordaCon 2021

R3 CordaCon 2021

30 September 2021 6.30 PM - 7 PM SGT
The digital trade journey: the strategic choices CxOs must make to accelerate time-to-value and enable platform scale
Reuters Events Webinar

Reuters Events Webinar

31 August 2021, 6 PM SGT / 10 AM GMT
How can partnerships enhance trade digitalisation for commodities traders?

Contour @ Commodity Trading Week 2021

7-11 June 2021
Increase in Fraud Cases: How to Regain the Trust (of the Banks)?

ThoughtWorks x Contour Live Webinar

13 April 2021
How Blockchain Empowers Cross-Border Trade Digitisation (Mandarin)

GTR India Live Panel

10 March 2021, 02:45PM - 03:30PM / 05:15PM - 6PM SGT
Modernising Through Digitising – Regaining Competitive Advantage

IAMAI Blockchain Summit

10 March 2021, 11:40AM - 12:20PM IST / 02:10PM - 02:50PM SGT
Banking & Financial Services – Competition to Collaborations

Contour @ GTR MENA 2021

15-17 February 2021
Better Together – Can Technology and Innovation Help Close the Trade Finance Gap?

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